“War Ina Babylon / Give Peace A Chance”

“War Ina Babylon / Give Peace A Chance” by The Hague Reggae All Stars & Friends. From the forthcoming album: “Reggae Corner Stones” by The Hague Reggae Reggae All Stars recorded at Holland Spoor Studios with Chris “Killah” Muller & STiX Reggae @ the controls.

The second track from the forthcoming album “Reggae Corner Stones” is a combination of two iconic Anti-War songs: “War Ina Babylon” by Max Romeo & Lee Perry, and Give Peace A Chance by John Lennon.
For this “One Love Celebration” The Hague Reggae All Stars join their forces with an army of award winning reggae musicians with roots from all over the world. Heights Meditation are the winners of the last Benelux Reggae Contest . The soulful and beautiful lady singers Dreada Triplet and lead singer Irie Ryan. Daddy Apache Nes One battling with toaster Ranking Otty. Super Natural Selection is also an upcoming, promising and very talented reggae band. Prince Naffy even had a number 1 hit song in Suriname, South America. Also Blues Icons “Nicko Christiansen” (Livin Blues Experience) and Sarah Ockhuysen (The Hellhounds) joined their forces to Give Peace A Chance… watch out… It’s sipple out deh! There is more “War Ina Babylon” then ever before!



War Ina Babylon / Give Peace A Chance